There is the seed of hope

that has been buried on this campus since five years ago.

There is the selfless persistence

that has been deeply rooted in our beliefs since five years ago.

There is the mission of "enlightening future with education".

We have overcome obstacles with unwavering determination, in the past five years.

There is the aspiration of "nurturing talents for the world".

We have been working hard and steadfastly, in the past five years.

1月19日,东方剑桥国际学校迎来了建校五周年庆典。 致初心,向未来,让我们把鲜花和掌声献给辛勤耕耘、无私奉献的各位领导、老师们;让我们把歌声和舞蹈献给与我们携手同行,风雨同舟的家长们;让我们把信心和希望献给每一位勤奋努力、自强不息的剑桥学子们,让我们以赤子般的真诚和庄严,向OCIS献礼,向OCIS祝福。OCIS五周年,生日快乐!

On January 19th, the Oriental Cambridge International School celebrated its fifth anniversary. To our original aspiration and to the future, we offer flowers and applause to the hardworking and selfless leaders and teachers; we dedicate our singing and dancing to the parents who walk hand in hand with us, sailing through thick and thin; we dedicate confidence and belief to every hardworking and uplifting OCIS student. We jointly send our wishes and blessings to OCIS, with the utmost sincerity. OCIS, Happy 5th Anniversary!

01 回顾与展望 Review and Outlook

出席本次庆典的嘉宾有东方剑桥教育集团董事长于越博士,澳大利亚驻沈阳总领事馆副总领事Ji-Soo Woo(禹智树)先生,欧盟商会东北分会原主席、德国GFM集团中国区代表Harald Kumpfert(孔海德)先生,及本溪市科学技术局、教育局、高新区各主管部门领导。

The attending guests included Dr. Yu Yue, Chairman of Oriental Cambridge Education Group, Mr. Ji Soo Woo, Deputy Consul General of the Australian Consulate in Shenyang, Mr. Harald Kumpfert, former Chairman of the Northeast Branch of the European Chamber of Commerce and representative of the German GFM Group in China, as well as officials from the Science and Technology Bureau, Education Bureau, and High tech Zone of Benxi City.


At the beginning of the event, all guests and teachers and students visited the fifth anniversary celebration exhibition. The highlights in education, teaching, and student activities of OCIS over the past five years, were captured and showcased, as well as the difficulties and achievements.



From Chairman Yu Yue's speech: first on behalf of the OCEG, he expressed sincere gratitude to the government officials, parents, and teachers for their support and efforts. He fully approved the steady development and continuous innovation of OCIS over the past five years, and warmly congratulated all students on their achievements. He emphasized that the development of schools should be centered around teachers and students. Students are to receive holistic education with synchronized focus on digital literacy, core skills, and character building. Through theme-based teaching, students can explore, discover, and solve problems independently, thereby better mastering knowledge and skills. Finally, he hoped that all staff will embrace love and responsibility, continue to innovate, develop collaboratively, adhere to their original aspirations, and tirelessly strive to achieve the vision of "enlightening future with education".


Five Year Staff Commendation



General Principal Yu Xiulin of the Oriental Cambridge Benxi Education Campus delivered the opening speech. Ms. Yu first on behalf of the OCEG Benxi Education Park and OCIS, warmly welcomed all guests, before going through the major accreditations, academic achievements, and graduate results over the past five years. She then expressed gratitude to all cooperative partners and parents for their help and support in the development of the school and students. Finally, Ms. Yu emphasized that OCIS still needs to continuously learn, constantly update with the future world, explore new ideas and methods of international education, develop more and better pathways, provide students with more holistic education platforms, help students achieve learning goals while laying solid foundation for future. We wish students have broad minds, strong aspirations, perseverance in learning, and payoffs after hard work. Like all outstanding graduates of OCIS, they will go places and continue to shine on the stage of world-renowned institutions!



Ms. Norah's Speech as a found teacher representative: The current sixth grade is the first batch of students joining school. As a homeroom teacher, I am delighted to witness their growth over the years. At the same time, I sincerely thank every parent of mine for your support and trust, which has enabled us to achieve home school cooperation and build the best childhood for our children. They have gradually grown into learners who are bilingual in Chinese and English, and develop in all subjects. However, what is even more gratifying for teachers and parents is that they remain confident and proactive. They know that as long as they keep moving forward and make progress than the past, there will be gains and appreciations. The most important thing in this life marathon is whether you can continue to move and strive towards your goals. As long as you don't give up, you will due to make breakthroughs. This is a lifelong mission, and we sincerely hope that all OCIS children will graduate here to explore the world with confidence.


Five Year Families Commendation



Mr. Yu Lei, as the parent representative of the founding parents, delivered a speech stating that OCIS truly focuses on the comprehensive development of children, provides the avenue for cultural and ideological exchange, and reflections on life. Children benefit greatly in this multicultural campus. He wished that children, in the days to come, to pursue knowledge and dare to try, seize the day and live to the full.



G11 Angela as a founding student: The internationalized teaching has enabled me to interact with classmates and teachers from different countries and regions. I have learned to respect and understand different cultural perspectives, before gradually forming my global mentality, which will help me better understand and respond to matters to happen in the future. Communicating and cooperating with people from different cultural backgrounds has helped me better understand my worldview and values, raised my confidence, independent thinking, and adaptability to changes, besides a good language environment, global awareness and cross-cultural communication skills, which are fundamental for future opportunities.


5th Anniversary Design Award

02 共庆与祝福 Celebration and Blessings


OCIS is a place that integrates best international practices, where there are not only national spirits but also global perspectives. A series of talents were put on show, drama, choir singing, poetry, calligraphy, dance and instrument, the celebration atmosphere. The theatre was literally lit up.


All efforts will eventually pay off. Today, the community made a grand showcase in the event of OCIS fifth anniversary. In future, all members of the community are destined to shine on the world stage.

云程发轫,踵事增华。沉淀过往,开启新章。2024年,我们将继续不懈努力,保持“用教育点亮未来”的初心,带着深耕中西合璧教育的文化沉淀,带着培养具有“中国情怀,国际视野”国际化人才的教育责任,传承奋进,用世界资源,做中国教育。祝福我们共同的OCIS 未来更加美好!

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