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Harbin Cambridge Vocational Technical School

Harbin Women's Vocational Technical School

Harbin Women’s Vocational Technical School and Harbin Cambridge Vocational Technical School are full-time secondary vocational schools as approved by the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province. They were established in 2005 and 2006, respectively, and currently have 3500 students altogether. The schools take “qualification + specialty”, “education background + technical abilities” as their operational objective. Through establishing a strong faculty and developing a strong technical curriculum, the schools nurture specialised but versatile talents.

The schools were successively recognised and conferred with over 50 honorary titles such as, being a “Progressive Vocational Education Group” at the national level, an “Exemplary Modernised Organisation” at the provincial level, and “Progressive Vocational Education Schools” at the provincial and municipal levels.

Showcase the features of Vocational Education and nurture sought-after talentsThe schools design training specialisations based on market demand to train professionals to meet enterprise requirements. Through the sharing of research and development, collaborations between the schools and industries, customised training programmes, and other initiatives, efficient resource sharing and talent co-cultivation are realised. The schools have successively established long-term partnerships with over 600 large and medium-sized enterprises and public institutions, including Ping An Insurance Company of China, China Mobile Communications Corporation, China Post Group Corporation, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd and Nanjing Chang’an Automobile Co., Ltd.. Currently, the school is working hard to formulate a new model for the development of medium-level vocational technical talents.

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