Primary and Secondary Education

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Beijing Tiantongyuan Zhongshan Experimental School

Beijing Tiantongyuan Zhongshan Experimental School is a modernised full-time school approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission. Since its establishment 17 years ago, the school has embarked on a mission to deliver a unique brand of education that aims to “Modernise, Specialise, Internationalise”, integrate both Chinese and Western cultures, steadily improve quality education in all aspects, and deliver a premium school that would satisfy students, parents, and the community. Currently, the school conducts 48 classes for over 1,300 students. The diversified curriculum, high-quality education and teaching, and vibrant campus cultural activities have received recognition and commendation from students, parents, and the community.

Establishing“specialty curriculum”, Developing“specialty activities”

Since its establishment 17 years ago, “Zhongshan” has been dedicated in establishing and developing a unique brand of “specialty curriculum and activities”. “Specialty curriculum” is developed through a process of establishing quality education, and “speciality activities” is developed through recognising and encouraging students’ individuality. “Zhongshan” balances and manages the requirements of academic knowledge and practical application, allowing life’s vibrancy and excitement to come through in the course of students’ advancement.

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Harbin Cambridge No.3 Middle School

Harbin Cambridge No.3 Middle School is a modern full-time international middle school established by Oriental Cambridge Education Group with the approval of Harbin Education Bureau. Upholding the educational goal to “lay the foundation for students’ harmonious lifetime development”, the Junior High Section, Senior High Section, and International Section were established. Currently, the school runs 130 classes for 6500 students. The school has prepared 209 classes for the National Senior High School Entrance Examinations, amongst which 100% of 37 classes obtained successful admissions to key senior high schools at the provincial level, with over 85% overall admissions rate to key senior high schools at the provincial and municipal levels. Over 98% of all students were successfully admitted to higher education after the National Higher Education Entrance Examinations, with over 1,000 students gaining admissions to world’s top universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, University of Cambridge in Britain, and University of California, Los Angeles and Stanford University in America.

 The elite team initiates efficient classes and “specialty curriculum” to create miracles at Cambridge

For 21 years, the pursuit of excellence has not only been relentless, but realistic and pragmatic; for 21 years, the dedicated nurturing of students has produced a myriad of talented alumni. “Cambridge No.3” Middle School is premised upon a scientific management system, guaranteed by an excellent faculty, assured by fundamental training, and motivated by a tiered curriculum advancement system. Through establishing an efficient and differentiated curriculum to cultivate students’ key competencies, generations of excellent learners have been nurtured, and countless miracles of education have been created.

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Harbin Cambridge International Primary School

Harbin Cambridge International Primary School was established in 2001. The school takes “allowing students to become optimistic, positive, diligent and talented teenagers” as its aim, and places emphasis on nurturing students’ individual talents and personal development while delivering comprehensive quality education. The colourful and diverse academic curriculum and themed-based practicum activities facilitates the healthy progress of every student and establishes a platform for their harmonious development, so as to allow their personalities and individual talents to flourish. Currently, the school has over 1,700 students and teachers. In 2013, it was appraised as an advanced school by Heilongjiang standards.

 To look at the world, to connect with the world

In 2015, Cambridge Primary School officially began its international programme, through establishing a dual-track educational model, implementing a “five-in-one” bilingual curriculum, and diversifying to provide a multi-cultural experience, to enhance the students learning and thinking processes. The school makes use of the winter and summer vacations to organise teacher-led student delegations to various sister schools in countries such as America, Canada, Singapore, Japan, significantly broadening their horizons and experiential understanding of global cultures.

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