Preschool Education

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To meet different levels of education needs, the OCEG established a multi-brand development strategy. The preschool sector currently covers three educational brands:





Oriental Cambridge Perschool is affiliated to the pre-school education section under the Oriental Cambridge Education Group. After numerous years of development, it has become an international preschool that combines local Chinese culture with western education. We aim to realise the healthy and happy growth of children with an all-rounded education and a bilingual environment, and hope that every child can become a pillar of society, possessing good habits, creativity, an inquiring mind, a good character, and a positive worldview.

The group places deep emphasis on the internationalisation of its pre-school education, and has been developing strategic collaborations with Britain’s Busy Bees International Education Group and Singapore’s Learning Vision, a world leader in early childhood education. In order to meet the range of educational demands, we also provide pre-school child-care services for workplaces, as well as reliable baby-sitting services and high-quality education for infants aged 0 to 6 for dual-income families.

We provide every child with cozy and scientific learning environment, safe facilities and green healthy foods and drinks, establish fluent family-preschool information interchange platform with parents in Oriental Cambridge Perschool. Our perschool conforms to and surpasses international position and represents the leading standard of early education of China with respect to curriculum design, teaching planning and environment establishment, etc.


To provide quality international education to help children achieve their greatest potential.


With love and responsibility, to provide a strong foundation for a lifetime of well-rounded development of every child.


To deliver a holistic education in a bilingual environment, to bring out children’s talents and potential, and to help every child to grow into a life-long learner.


We believe in the development of children’s natural talents and potential, and to focus on different levels of teaching and learning aspects, so as to guide infants to enjoy the fun and sense of achievement of learning, through experiential learning and exploratory studies, so as to lay the foundation for a comprehensive and harmonious future development.

Scale and Distribution

Oriental Cambridge Education Group possesses over 140 directly-operated preschools distributed in 35 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Harbin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Jinan, Hefei, Changsha, and Wuhan.


 Link to OC Preschool Official Website [Under Construction]



Busy Bees International Preschool

In 2017, Oriental Cambridge Education Group established a strategic partnership with Britain's largest pre-school educational organisation, Busy Bees. Through this joint-venture, the two largest pre-school educational groups from China and Britain shall establish a truly internationalised brand of kindergarten, marking a new chapter in pre-school education.

Busy Bees was established in Britain in 1983, and it is one of the oldest and most distinctive and renowned early education providers in Britain, Canada, Singapore, and Malaysia. It has over 30 years of experience in providing unique, premium childcare and educational services all over the world.


For the past 33 years, Busy Bees has provided outstanding childcare and educational services for over a million children, nurturing and inspiring children to reach their potential, through the integration of scientific and rigorous systemised programme design with innovative curriculum planning. The demonstrated positive effect on the development of children has allowed Busy Bees to build up an enviable reputation. Today, Busy Bees is favoured by parents and educators all over the world for its expertise in providing comprehensive childcare and excellent educational services. Currently, Busy Bees owns 335 kindergartens in Britain and 485 kindergartens worldwide, with an annual revenue of about 245 million pounds. It has established a sizable international pre-school educational network.


 Link to Busy Bees International Preschool Official Website



Koala Educare Daycare Centre



We understand parents' foremost concern in their child’s growth and happiness, and the difficulties many families find in balancing their demanding careers with caring for their children.

Koala Educare Daycare Centre, that is affiliated to Oriental Cambridge Education Group, is able to provide an excellent solution to this problem. We provide reliable childcare and high-quality education services for 0-to-6-year-old children of employees, customised to the requirements of companies and organisations, in terms of class size and flexible childcare operating hours. Our internationalised programme is brought about by a global team of leading experts in pre-school educational, allowing parents to feel assured of their children’s growth and learning environment while they build their own careers.

Currently, Koala Educare Daycare Centre is providing pre-school educational services for one of the largest internet companies of China, and has been highly acclaimed by the company employees.


  Koala Educare Daycare Centre will help to:

1. Enhance the enterprise branding and image

2. Ensure stability of human capital

3. Strengthen organisational culture and cohesiveness

4. Efficiently enhance productivity