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Harbin Cambridge University

Harbin Cambridge University is a full-time university, approved by the Ministry of Education for inclusion to the National Higher Education Entrance Examination admissions system, and belonging to the top tier of the diverse educational services provided by the Oriental Cambridge Education Group. Since its establishment in 1996, it has become a full-time university with over ten thousand students.

The university comprise eight secondary colleges, three faculties, and one research institute for pre-school education; it offers 24 undergraduate programmes and one professional development programme, including six teacher-education programmes. As professionalism in “Pre-school Education” was identified as one of the key specialisms for Heilongjiang Province, Pre-school Pedagogy is one of the key prioritised fields of study for development in Heilongjiang.

Harbin Cambridge University is the only institution in Heilongjiang to be authorised by the Ministry of Education to test and award a recognised certification for pre-school curriculum developers, and is Heilongjiang’s only approved centre for research on pre-school bilingual education.

Choose Harbin Cambridge University, a Road toSuccess

In the spirit of enterprise innovation, the university is steadfast in implementing:

  • The “quality education programme” for its overall education system,

  • The “internationalisation programme” that facilitates domestic postgraduate studies, foreign postgraduate studies, independent entrepreneurship, and senior and higher-level employment opportunities,

  • The “cultured campus programme” premised upon ideas of culture and civility,

  • The “quality management engineering programme” known for its rigour and standards, and

  • The "target management system" that drives efficiency and performance.

Oriental Cambridge Education Group is at a vantage point in the field of nurturing talents, and the idea “Choose Harbin Cambridge University, a Road to Success” has been thoroughly realised.

To take a step into Harbin Cambridge University is to take a step towards the world

  • Authorised by the Examination Committee of Britain’s University of Cambridge as “Britain Cambridge International School” and to set up the “Britain University of Cambridge International Examination Centre”;

  • Sole recipient of the “2015 South Korea-China Educational Exchange Award”;

  • Invited to attend the 2016 and 2017 Sino-Russian College Presidents Summit;

  • Cooperated with Sungshin Women’s University to jointly establish the only “Sino-South Korea Pre-school Education Research and Development Centre”, and has convened two international academic seminars;

  • Established “Canada MITT - China Cambridge Language Training Centre”;

  • The university successively established Sino-Canada, Sino-Thailand, Sino-South Korea, and Sino-Italy international classes, which provided economic and convenient green channels for Cambridge students to venture abroad, either on longer-term or short-term study trips, direct postgraduate Master’s and Doctorate studies, overseas paid-internships, or higher-level employment opportunities;

  • Every year, the school offers 80 full-scholarships for overseas studies; the number of students studying abroad on tuition fees exemption the highest among all the non-government schools of Heilongjiang. Over 200 students have been sent overseas for Master’s or Doctorate studies;

  • Received over 1,700 short-term and long-term overseas students from 20 countries, such as America, Canada, South Korea, and Japan.

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