About the OCEG

  • Discoverer of Industry Standards
  • Developer of International Education
  • Model of High-quality Education
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Mission and Vision

  • To nurture culturally aware international talents
  • First-class in China, renowned worldwide
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  • The Vision leads to the Milestones. What we did to achieve the Vision
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Higher Education

Since its establishment in 1996, it has become a full-time university with over ten thousand students. It offers 24 undergraduate programmes and one professional development programme, including six teacher-education programmes.

Preschool Education

To meet different levels of education needs, the OCEG established a multi-brand development strategy. The current preschool sector covers three educational brands.

Primary and Secondary Education

The OCEG has a total of four primary and secondary schools, located in Beijing and Harbin.

Vocational Education

Established in 2005, and currently have 3500 students. The schools design training specialisations based on market demand to train professionals to meet enterprise requirements.


Headquarters: Building 9, Block 4, Tiantongyuan, Changping District, Beijing, China, 102218

Tel: +8610 8481 9306

Fax: +8610 8484 7740

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